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Rome: the most wonderful city in the world, the capital of Italy, of the Belpaese (as Dante said in the Divine Commedy). This city owns in its streets centuries of history; it can be defined as the guardian of history. In this city the Roman Empire was built and beautiful works of art were created, under the government of illustrious emperors. Those same works of art today rank Rome as the city with most monuments in the world per square metre.

Once in a lifetime you must visit Rome, either if you are a foreigner or Italian. This eternal city is mentioned by history books, by newspapers all over the world; it has been the main character of several successful films and it has been recognized as the home of the excellent tasting Mediterranean cooking.

It is certain that to visit Rome you must be well informed, either if you are foreigner tourists who choose Italy and in particular Rome as your destination or not. It is essential being informed about the city, the attractions, the sights and means of transport to get to your destinations in a comfortable way. This is essential in order to organize a holiday respecting the schedule you want and in order to visit as much sights as possible.

Rome is surely not sparing of beauties, it’s a mesh of religious and civil architecture which receives tourists and workers every day of the year. About a thousand people arrive in the airports, ports, and stations of the capital city. Choosing how to get to Rome is simple, you can choose whether to get there by train, flight, car or traditional city means of transport.

As for the airport links, we all know the famous airports of the city: Leonardo da Vinci (the famous Fiumicino Airport) and Ciampino. The first is about 35 km away from the centre of Rome, while the second is about 15 km away from the city. They are world-famous airports which every day temporarily give hospitality to thousands of travellers.

The station of the city is Roma Termini, situated in the city centre. This is the most crowded station of the country and of the city: about 850 trains pass through it every day.

Roma Tiburtina is the railway station located in Pietralata, a quartier of Rome. The third largest railway station in Rome is Roma Ostiense, which is in Ostiense, the quartier after which it is named.

For those who love driving and prefer moving with their own car in autonomy, they can arrive in Rome thanks to the road links serving the city. Thanks to the Raccordo Anulare and the Autostrada Del Sole getting to Rome – from every part of Italy – is simple. As much simple will be getting to the city junctions and airports always by car.

Moving in Rome for those who arrive at the airports or at the stations is not that simple as it is for those who choose to get to the city by car. For those who arrive by flight or by train there is public transport or private companies that allow everyone to move without worries. A safe and guaranteed service is proposed by Rome Airport Transfer, a company which owns a wide fleet of cars and expert drivers and offers Rome airport transfer services. A service in line with the necessities of the customer, the respect of the rules and traffic code; a comfortable service which is able to take you to every place in Rome.

Choosing Rome and the services it proposes is simple, and will make the stay in the city enjoyable and without fears for everyone.