Aurelio District RomeThe Aventine Hill has a singular and ancient historical background: it is one of the seven hills on which it was founded the original Rome and it is located in the extreme south. The beautiful hill has a more or less trapezoidal shape along with steep slopes which degrades into the Tiber river.

It was the most isolated hill and difficult to access zone in ancient time. Not anymore, of course, thanks to the underground and the trains which regularly run at every hour of day and night.

The Aventine hill is nowadays an elegant residential area with lots of ancient Roman sites to discover related to legends and historical records, coupled with architectural structures as striking examples of different ages ideas and perspectives.

The area of Aventine Hill is so interesting because it includes magnificent palaces, old and prestigious churches such as the Basilica of Santa Sabina, and well-managed gardens, such as the extremely beautiful Rome Rose Garden.

Toward east, through a saddle, the location is connected to another small hill, called Saxum and then ‘Small Aventino‘. The side which peaks on the Tiber river still is a part of the historic district of Ripa.
Most Roman historians trace back the name of the hill to a legendary king, Aventinus.

The hill could have been also named after the birds (“aves” from Latin) that “rising from the Tiber” nested on the trees over the hill.

Apartments near Aventino

Elegant apartment located on the second floor of a liberty style building. It consists of a living room with a couch and a dining corner, a double bedroom, a bedroom with two twin size bed, a completely equipped kitchen and a bathroom with tub.

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