If you are in Rome you can choose to live an enthusiastic experience, experimenting an interactive game that allows you to wander through the streets on a quest for answers to cryptic clues. This game is based on research of Ruyi, the magic Imperial Chinese scepter that conceded every power to its owner. It had been stolen from Kublay Khan by Marco Polo, and long remained hidden in the Venetian’s tomb, but then it disappeared mysteriously. A letter written by Benvenuto Cellini, declared authentic after comparing it with other writings by the famous artist, clearly demonstrates that the Ruyi has changed location. The scepter has come to Rome, but it is no longer recognizable. It’s necessary to reorganize all forces to find the magical object.
Obviously, the game has been created as “an instrument and not as a goal, as a means of proposing an experience“.
What you need for the game is a map, a mobile phone and the gamebook, which you buy online. In it there’s a number, you send a text message to that number and receive your first instruction in return.
The gamebook is a special notebook where you find all stories that will lead you through the places where your search will unfold. To continue on your hunt, you will have to solve puzzles and send the solutions via SMS to the number indicated in your gamebook.
You can play the game individually or in a group, or create a challenge and play against other teams.

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